Seasonal Clean Ups

Spring & Summer Clean Up include:

  • Cleaning up leaves and debris left from winter
  • Tree and hedge trimming
  • Aerating and/or dethatching lawn Read More
  • Turning soil beds
  • Fertilizing Read More
  • Preparing perennials, annuals and garden beds
  • Planting specific pruning
  • Garden and lawn edging
  • And more...

Leaves layer themselves in the Fall over your lawn and garden and provide much needed protection from the winter ice and snow. As the weather gets warmer, the leaves that were thickly matted and compressed during the winter months thaw and begin to rot.

Left unchecked, this rot can flourish and spread to perennials as they emerge for the season. These leaves also deprive your lawn from air and sunlight that is vital to early seasonal growth.

Our clean up package includes a wide variety of yard preparation, including leaf and debris removal from lawn and gardens, removal of old flower heads and stems from your perennials, and initial shaping of the hedges (to create the right shape for the upcoming season).

Pruning time is specific to plants as some enjoy being pruned early in the seasos while others need maintaining in the Fall. Most plants will benefit from a minimum of one pruning per season.

Fall Clean Up & Winter Preparation include:

  • Clearing away Fall leaves
  • Tree and hedge trimming
  • Protecting delicate plants with burlap
  • Applying dormant oils to plants
  • Preparing garden beds for next season

Get a step ahead and get your yard ready for the cold months ahead! The first step is removing the leaves from your property, which will reduce the risk of rot and mold issues in the Springtime. By removing excess leaves in the Fall you will decrease the risk of clogged City drains and stagnant water pools for mosquito breeding.

Covering your evergreens with burlap before the winter serves two purposes:

  1. Insulation.Trees release warmth year-round and surrounding the trees with burlap helps them to keep some of that warmth close to them.
  2. Preservation. The limbs of the trees and shrubs need to be protected from the heavy weight of ice and snow so as to keep each branch intact. A wrapped tree is more likely to hold the weight of snow all winter long compared to an unwrapped one.

Dormant Oil can be used as an alternative to insect pesticide, which has been recently banned by the City of Toronto. Dormant oil is a necessary and organic prevention method that can prevent pest and infestation issues down the road.