Pest Control

Ants Ants can sneak into your house in the warm months and make them selves at home, regular cleaning and inspection can be great first defense from infestation. Regular treatments both inside and outside the house are important to keep down all pest levels, including ants. Call us about pest identification and treatment solutions.
Mice & Rats Mice and Rats can make them selves at home in your home any time of the year. Regular maintenance and inspection is important to keep mouse populations out from your home, sometimes the best way to keep mice from your home is to stop them outside. Ask us how.
Roaches Roaches are found around warm damp areas in the house, water heaters, under sinks, and in kitchens. Treatments are usually quick and easy and the problems can be solved in a couple of visits. Give us a call about plans and options.
Silver Fish Silver Fish live in moist areas in your home, washrooms, basements, and behind base boards. They eat paper, glue and flooring materials, and can breed quickly in the home. Regular interior treatments can keep silver fish at bay. Give us call for some solutions.
Wasps Wasps can be a dangerous pest in and around the home, in trees, in holes in the wall, under decks and porches, even under ground. Each one needs special attention call us as soon as you notice an issue.
Bed Bugs Bed Bugs are becoming an increasingly troubling issue in Toronto, there are several treatments available, from dust, spraying, and steaming call and ask for a quote.
Flies Flies are can be found in many species all around the home, fruit flies, house flies, lady bugs, blow flies, cluster flies and many more.
Spiders Spiders are found all over the home in hundreds of species, the best treatment method is environmental. Some spiders need moisture, some build their nests beside lighting, sometimes eliminating their food source will cut the population, Give us a call for more details.
We also specialize in treatment for Grubs, Leaf Hoppers, Aphids, Spider Mites, Gypsy Moths, Scale, Snails, Caterpillers, and Slugs.